China Puts a Stop on Ivory Trade

The Chinese government is planning to put an end to ivory trade by the end of 2017.

China took an important step in anti-ivory trade on Friday last week, when around 30 factories and 140 shops closed their doors for the last time as a team from the U.N Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species oversaw the process.

Beijing officials have said that the rest of the 34 factories and 138 shops will follow the same process by the end of 2017.

China currently has the largest demand for ivory and it is estimated that 70% of the world’s supply ends up there, the majority of which comes from poaching.

Importantly to note, is that demand for ivory has dropped, which has resulted in a drop in its price. It seems as if millennials in China are vehemently opposed to using it.

In 2014, ivory traded for nearly R30 000 per kilogram, but prices have since dropped to R10 000 per kilogram.

These facts and figures do not include information on illegal ivory trade, nor what effect these new measures will have on illegal activities.


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