New Mall Built on Recycled Blocks

More than 15 tons of recycled Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) have gone into the production of 20 000 Greenlite Concrete blocks used in the new Table Bay Mall that is currently being constructed in Cape Town.

These Greenlite Concrete blocks are being primarily used in the fire escape passages of the building because of their excellent fire-rating.

Green building

New Green building technology sees recycled blocks being used in the construction of new buildings around South Africa.

“In light of climate change and the rising cost of energy, building contractors are looking at sustainable building options. We were looking for a more environmentally friendly way of implementing our insulated building systems when we started experimenting with recycled polystyrene as the basis for our energy efficient walling systems,” says Hilton Cowie, Technical Director of Greenlite.


Hilton Cowie

The blocks consist of recycled polystyrene, which is used as an aggregate mixed with cement and additives to form insulated, soundproof, fireproof, water-resistant, lightweight concrete blocks and screeds that have already been used in various large commercial projects such as the Trumpet Towers in Johannesburg, the BMW Pavilion and Zeits Museum in the V&A Waterfront, Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth and the Gautrain Station in Sandton.

These blocks are proving invaluable to the construction industry where clients and contractors are able to reduce their structural concrete and steel requirements due to the lightweight nature of the walls. The highly insulated walls also offer the added benefit of further energy savings to the client over the lifespan of the building.

Builders Warehouse are now exclusive stockists of our various sized Jumbo blocks and screeds, creating an even greater demand for polystyrene that we can use,” Cowie explains.

“We are very excited about the growing popularity and rapid market acceptance of this new building technology. Not only does it have a direct and positive impact on our recycling rates by diverting large volumes of post-consumer polystyrene from our country’s landfills, but it also helps to create more employment opportunities, reduce building costs and increases productivity,” says Adri Spangenberg, Director of the Polystyrene Packaging Council.

Greenlite Concrete accepts any form of polystyrene for recycling on their premises, and is willing to assist in arranging collection of large quantities of Polystyrene.

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